Real-time voice separation and
enhancement solution
with state-of-the-art performance.

We deliver clear voice for communication and recognition.


Voice call and video conference
Everyone's voice is clearly delivered in any noisy environment, with or without earphones
Speech recognition
Be free from recognition errors with perfect noise reduction.
Smart Hearing Aids
Ultra-lightweight real-time speech enhancement replaces heavy and noisy hearing aids.



  • Dog
  • Typing
  • Street
  • Reverb
  • Music


Just like speaking right next to you.
Noise and reverberation are separated at once.
In a short moment you can't feel it
All processing takes place within a maximum latency of 40 ms.
Keep your current form factor
Just one microphone is enough, and no extra high-computation device is required.

API *Scheduled service by this year

Experience in action how clean your own recordings are. Only PCM wav within 10 seconds is supported and processed after conversion to 16 kHz.

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