Intelligent Audio for Creativity

Everyone is born with a creative mind.
We all can be a consumer and a producer of all the media content we encounter in our daily lives.
In the personalized and diversified media ecosystem, creators can experience interactive communication and
feel much longer lasting value and happiness than unilateral consumption.
Supertone ultimately aims to create a richer media ecosystem by providing innovation and
inspiration to all creators around the world.
We are doing our best today to maximize the potential of creativity in everyone's minds
and to provide convenience in every process of producing
and consuming audio content.
  • We respect the creativity
    in everyone's mind.

  • We bring together creative minds and
    innovative technologies

  • We provide convenience for quick-and-easy
    production and consumption.


Kyogu Lee
Co-founder & CEO
An entrepreneur and engineer who loves to play and work at the intersection of music and science.
Hoon Heo
Co-founder & CTO
An engineer who loves music, an idealist who acts, a life on all those borderlines.
Heedoo Choi
Co-founder & COO
A businessman who loves music & technology that makes life beautiful, and works with respect to the musicians & engineers who create it.
Hyeong-Seok Choi
I teach machines to listen and speak.
Juheon Lee
Researcher who wants to make people happy with good technology.
Wansoo Kim
I’m a researcher who dreams of working with happy people in wonderful spaces.
Jie Hwan Lee
Research Engineer
heavy weight heavy listener
Jinwook Baek
Software Engineer
You don’t own your life till you enjoy it. - Yonghyun, Baek
Deja Sungjun Won
Sound Engineer
The Sound Sculptor
Jaewon Lee
Software Engineer
“Good code is its own best documentation.” - Steve McConnell
Saekyul Yoo
Software Engineer
Omnivorous person. Majored in computer science and fusion art, and work in music and software development. I want to make tools that artists can use with affection.
Jaehoon Kim
Business Strategy
Win or Learn
Minjee Kim
Assistant Engineer
"Sweet music, and your secret heart. Both have the healing grace." - Jon Anderson
Youngguk Lee
Contents Producer
I don't like rainy days.
Ilji Choi
Research Engineer
I'm a research engineer who loves beautiful voices and music.
Jiseung Yoon
Management Support
Knock and the door will be opened to you.
Dohee Song
Business Strategy
I will find a way. I always have.
Kyo Sun Choo
Business Development
I want to make a better world of music through what I do.
Hyunjong Kim
Research Engineer
"Let the music guide you" - Armin van Buuren



  • Raised 4 Billion KRW (3.6M USD) Funding from BigHit Entertainment
  • Won the 3rd prize on real-time denoising track of the ICASSP DNS challenge
  • Participated in production of a special TV show "AI vs. Human"
  • Establishment of a company-affiliated research institute
  • Participated in production of a special TV show "AI Music Project: Once Again"
  • Supertone signs R&D contract with BigHit Entertainment
  • Selected as one of the top 100 global companies in Samsung NEXT Synthetic Media Landscape
  • Establishment of Supertone